This is a time like no other. We are being called to something extraordinary, no matter what the outcome. We don’t necessarily know the nature of the call and we won’t always know the way. We are standing on a threshold, poised for our hero’s journey into the unknown. We make the path by walking, so it is said. We begin by starting where we are. There is healing to be done and much to let go. But we are already whole at our very essence, and that will be the ground we stand on.

It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work
and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.
Wendell Berry

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a circle with other strong and courageous women. We are sitting grounded on the Earth in a round, womb-like space – a yurt perhaps, or a red tent – surrounded by sacred objects and gifts from nature.

Imagine we are in solidarity with all the strong and courageous women of the Earth and of this Cosmos, in this planet-time.

Azul Thome (R) – Inner Council of a Woman Queen

As a Ceremony of Remembrance, we take a brief moment to scan the past, to acknowledge all that has been done by and to women and to the Earth for better or for worse over the millennia. Honoring our ancestors, we will remember this in our bodies, hold it in our collective consciousness — and we come back to the present.

The journey of discovery and transformation begins with a desire to no longer be involved in
the collective pathology, but to awaken to old and new potentials, and previously unimagined
possibilities. Any pain experienced during the processes is soothed by the knowledge that we
labor in a colossal project of renewal for the health of all systems on this gorgeous planet.
What else is there to do?
Tayria Ward

In the process of Waking Up, we witness to the unfolding world around us with eyes and hearts wide open, unflinchingly accepting the possibilities of even the most dire planetary outcomes, and asking ourselves how, then, shall we live? We begin the archetypal hero’s journey by hearing and heeding a call and stepping over the threshold. In this section we take some time to contemplate the first three Being Change intentions and what they evoke for us:

– making the health of the Earth and the thriving of all life our highest priority, knowing that failing this, everything else is moot;
– saying NO to what is no longer “acceptable” or “normal” such as war, poverty, violence, injustice, and the pillaging of the Earth;
being Edgewalkers: hospice workers to what is dying and midwives to what is wanting to be born.

The Declaration of Interdependence


We’re back in our circle ready to accept the call and stand in our power – together. We can come back any time to re-ground, to continue to contemplate the intentions, and recommit to the journey. We can go at our own pace and trust our own process. We can ask for and give support as needed.

Global Sisterhood – We are a movement of women holding space for the healing of ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Restoring the Feminine – For humanity to heal from the great masculine imbalance we have all been in for the last thousands of years, women need to come together in true sisterhood.

What is the Earth asking of us? Read this beautiful response by Robin Wall Kimmerer
“Returning the Gift”

For a powerful example of women’s commitment to the Earth and all Life see the Indigenous Women Of The Americas Defenders Of Mother Earth Treaty

All Things Are Born of Women – A beautiful essay about the awakening of women and their “rising as voices of the Earth.”

For an evocative/provocative take on what is women’s role in this planet-time consider these from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee:
Women & Healing the Earth
and another version
Honoring the Sacred Substance in Creation

For inspiration, watch these beautiful videos:


Join us in the Sanctuary (blog), sit in our circle, and share your thoughts. Guest posts (contact me) and comments are most welcome.