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Phebe Allen Gustafson
Ithaca, New York or leave a message in the comment section below.


2 Responses to Contact Me

  1. caroline says:

    yes. I am here, me too, and all of us are here on this planet

    i’ve been and i am feeling it, ever since and ever on

    i’m here and i’m very strong, throughout all of my weakness, all of the despair i’ve been going through
    i know my sickness grows with every day that passes feeling so sick and—- alone, though i know i’m not alone!
    now i found you here -(just a few days that i discover thisWEB, always been without computerstuff..)

    yes there is a singing,
    i am singing and i will go on singing
    i want to join you
    while i need to go on with all the small things to do, cherries to pick and potatos to grow
    inside of me is aplan thats growing
    since so long that i feel and i know there is a voice inside of me that wants to shout it all out
    but very very loud
    above all, that we do not fear anything no more, for there is nothing to fear but a future in wich we would suffer even more for not having done… well whoever and wherever, how can we reach out to this? you have my voice, this beloved earth has all of my voice and my heart
    i like to take us all by our hands and our hearts we do have all of the power
    then a much bigger help might come when we least expect it only if we trust at first in the power we have already

    throughout all anger, theres a will that will…..
    within it theres a seed, a sparkling light, that might

  2. Cynthia Jurs says:

    Hi Phebe,
    After I wrote to you about your interest in the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project, I visited your website and see that we have many sources of inspiration in common, many connections in the web of life. Its good to meet a kindred sister on the path. Do let me know what in the ETV work and practice you might like to know more about.
    Many blessings in the midst of the Great Turning,

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