The Being Change Center – My Big Dream

Imagine this:

… a place dedicated to gather in circles, share our stories, find our voices, honor our experiences, empower each other on the journeys of our heart, envision a better world for our children and for all beings. Imagine sharing ritual and ceremony, attending an event or workshop, viewing a film, or sitting in quiet reflection – all to evoke our deepest imagination and creativity.

Imagine this:

The Sanctuary
the space for quiet, contemplation, envisioning, stillness, slowness, retreat
– the space to do circles, ceremony, prayer, ritual, meditation, sacred movement

The Library
the space for reading, writing, resources, research
– the space for events, workshops, classes, book studies, and film viewings

The Art Space
the space for creativity, energy, motivation, inspiration, conversation, lounging together in stuffed chairs and couches, enjoying tea and simple foods
– the space for art making
– the space for art display and sale

This is a very ambitious dream and I have lots of ideas. Please contact me if you’d like more information or if you want to help in any way.