The Great Turning is a name for the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.  Although we cannot know yet if it will take hold in time for humans and other complex life forms to survive, we can know that it is under way.  To see this as the larger context of our lives clears our vision and summons our courage.                   Joanna Macy

Humanity is at a threshold and our Earth is in great distress. I have struggled with this awakening for many years now, wondering how to create a meaningful life in these times of transition into an unknown and uncertain future.  Some people are calling this transition “The Great Turning” and it requires a great deal from us. It calls us to be weavers of healing and initiation, “conscious evolution” and spiritual emergence.  It asks us to embody a great measure of wisdom, courage, vision, and creativity to bring forth the magnitude of transformation necessary to create the best possible future for all beings.

Being Change is about creating a sanctuary – a sangha – where we can explore what we must re-awaken, resurrect and re-embody in order to:

– witness to the unfolding world around us with eyes and hearts wide open; to unflinchingly accept the possibilities of the most dire planetary outcomes; and to ask ourselves how, then, shall I live?
– be Edgewalkers: hospice workers to what is dying and midwives to what is wanting to be born.
– accept the Hero’s Journey of initiation into the unknown and the unfathomable with the conviction that anything is possible.
– nurture our personal healing, discern our unique and sacred “genius”, and offer these as our most vital gifts to the world.
– offer each other tools, resources, sustenance, a tribe, and a voice along the way.

We particularly focus on the following three interconnected pathways:

ReWilding, ReSouling ourselves and our world
“Nature – the outer nature we call ‘the wild’ – has always been the essential element and the primary setting of the journey to the soul. The soul, after all, is our inner wilderness.” Bill Plotkin

“In losing our sense of soul, we have trivialized our existence.” Thomas Berry

“What do we wish for? To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us of…what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.” Terry Tempest Williams

“Just as ecological rewilding succeeds by letting nature do what it is designed to do, could we take the same approach towards ourselves? Rather than looking outwardly to fix things, answers may lie within our…reclamation of our ‘inner nature.’” Lucy Purdy

“Indigenous Mind”
“Our souls speak a first language, one which is indigenous to all life. Remembering this language is the key to self love, to our purpose, our passion and our power. It is also, at this point, the key to our human survival and perhaps to much of the current expression and diversity of life on this planet.” Christiane Pelmas

“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence we would rise up rooted, like trees.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Women’s Unique Role in the Great Turning, the Return of the Feminine
“The feminine principle and women in the twenty-first century are standing at the crossroads between the cosmic and the wild. The restoration of woman, the wild, and of the planet Earth has become the modern Holy Grail for women.” Edveeje Fairchild

“The voice of the feminine, whether spoken by man or woman, speaks on behalf of life.” Anne Baring

“Wildlife and the wild woman are both endangered species.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes


We explore these pathways through the process of:

Circles, Ceremony, Ritual, and Art
“To find your way when reason no longer serves, you turn to the still, small voice within, to your dreams, images, and connection to Nature, getting reacquainted with our own wild and sacred selves.” Marilyn Steele

Rites of Passage, Initiation, and the Hero’s Journey
“The clear way is not already laid out for those who undertake the hero adventure of awakening to what is most essential.” Michael Mervosh

Story, Myths, and Archetypes
“We begin living our Soul Story when we are finally ready to surrender to where the Universe wants us to go. Wendolyn from Soul