I recently was asked to review a book by a woman I hadn’t heard of before. When I read the blurb and explored her web site, there was so much resonance that I whole-heartedly agreed to support her in whatever way I can. Her name  is Leah Rampy and her book is Earth and Soul – Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos. Here’s the review. Check out her website. Buy the book!

In “Earth and Soul – Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos”, Leah Rampy courageously and compassionately invites us to consider some of the most challenging questions of our time. For example:

How do we bear witness to the unfathomable and multifaceted “predicaments” wreaking havoc on our social and biological systems, while being open-hearted to the many ways we are called to respond?

How do we wake up from the trance of the old story that no longer serves life, while re-membering and re-embodying our kinship with the “other” and the more than human world?

How do we hospice this “old story” while midwifing an ancient/new story that we can live into now, each according to our own unique contribution and no matter what the outcome?

Leah suggests that how we respond to these questions, and more, is a journey, not a destination. It is nothing short of an initiatory process requiring deep listening, discernment, and the humility of letting go of our need to have all the answers. In community with each other, the more than humans, and the Earth herself, perhaps we can find the wisdom and grace to (re)wild, (re)en-soul and (re)birth our Selves and our world. I am grateful to Leah and her beautiful book for guiding us along the way.

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