Hello friends,

For many years I have been searching for answers to this question: what is the prognosis for the future of our planet Earth?  Alongside this question, I have also wondered what is required of humankind during this phase of our evolution. Who are we being called to be, no matter what the outcome?  I have pursued these questions through many avenues and have entertained a diversity of perspectives. I have studied systems thinking, quantum physics, cosmologies, mythologies and so much more. I lived and breathed the paths of sustainability and permaculture and transitions. I have sat at the feet of shamans, healers, elders, visionaries; I have listened to the council of trees, mountains, water, and winds. I have repeatedly crossed thresholds into my personal “hero’s journey” of healing and transformation.  I have learned much. The journey never ends.

Here is a sample of what I’ve been up to:

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work specializing in Family Systems
Masters Degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University, Seattle
Certification in Permaculture Design
Core Training Completion from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies
Circlework Leadership Training Certificate from the Institute For Circlework
Designer and facilitator of Being Change circles and events
Participant in original and final council gatherings of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
10-day quest in the Pecos Wilderness (four days/nights solo fast) with Circles of Air and Stone
Training with Joanna Macy and The Work That Reconnects
Advanced training in Shapeshifting To a Higher Consciousness with Dream Change Coalition
Work with the Pachamama Alliance: Trip to Ecuador, Awakening the Dreamer symposiums
Work with the Four Winds Society: Trip to Peru, Munay Ki Rites recipient
Participant – Called Together Vision Councils with Deena Metzger
Member of A Council of Women – Finger Lakes region, New York
Sixteen years and counting living in the intentional community Ecovillage at Ithaca


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