Now I feel like all there is left for me to do is sing and pray directly to Her.
Build altars and sit with Her as much as possible.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Alixa Garcia

I’m finding that as I go deeper and deeper into my spiritual journey, the above quote pretty much says it all. I’m far beyond wanting to put any energy into the madness of the status quo beyond what I feel is being responsibly aware.

I feel such a deep grief concerning what’s happening in our world yet, of course, there’s so much I don’t know. I’m beginning to understand what it means to be in the unknowing, undoing. It’s difficult, truly, to be in this surreal world of “anything’s possible” on the one hand, to “we’re screwed” on the other, and everything in between.

The messages I’ve been receiving from many sources have been about profoundly letting go of all the egoistic control and contraction while opening up to “the bigger picture:” the imaginal realms, the body/soul, the indigenous wisdom, the cosmic consciousness, the messages from the Earth and from the ancestors.…

If there is any wisdom running through my life now,
in my walking on this earth,
it comes from listening in the Great Silence
to the stones, trees, space, the wild animals,
to the pulse of all life as my heartbeat.
Vijali Hamilton

Recently, as I was walking in the woods, I wondered: What does the Earth ask of us?” This I received: Reciprocity, gratitude, ceremony and wakefulness. Of course, we must follow through with “right action” however that is defined according to our unique callings.

I’d like to share this beautiful short video “Reconnecting to Nature, the Earth, and Each Other”:


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