…make assisting the Great Turning my priority over everything else.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making a list of what I imagine are essential tasks humanity must take on to heal, evolve, and to restore our planet. This is my way of even beginning to discern how to move through the uncertainty and complexity of our world today. I wanted something around which I could set my personal intentions for how to be and what to do, and then let everything else go. My bottom-line essential task, which encompasses all the others I’ve come up with so far, is to make assisting the Great Turning my priority over everything else.

What else makes sense?

Everything from Nobel Prize winning scientists to indigenous prophecy to our own deepest knowing tells us that we are being called to a hero’s journey of epic proportions. Refusal of that call is not an option yet we all do it to some measure, and some far more than others. Despite our best efforts, and for many reasons, no one I know of is completely free from the gravitational pull of the old paradigm. We live between two worlds and I keep asking myself: what WILL free us – what will free ME – to follow the call as if all life depended on it which, of course, it does.

How do we begin to make assisting the Great Turning our priority over everything else? My bottom line: we have to grow up. Or, as Bill Plotkin puts it in his brilliant book “Nature and the Human Soul,” we need to become authentic, initiated adults and (re)create authentic, initiated cultures with respect for the already quite authentic Earth. Duane Elgin conducted a survey where an overwhelming amount of responses placed the developmental age of our human race at adolescence, and a dysfunctional adolescence at that. I think this is an apt analogy in many, many ways.

And how do we begin to grow up? We heed the call and step over the threshold. Imagining what that might look like is what BeingChange is about and I will be exploring all this and more. Every person’s journey is unique of course and I want to hear all about yours. Here’s a preview of some of what is on my “road of trials” – the series of tests, tasks, or ordeals that the person must undergo to begin the transformation:

Healing my addictions.

Doing the despair and empowerment work, learning to keep my heart open under any circumstances.

Making the descent into soul.

Placing myself within the larger contexts of nature and cosmos.

Practicing spiritual activism.

Discovering and doing my “true work” in the world.

What can you imagine are some of yours?

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