Hello friends,

For many years I have been searching for answers to this question: what is the prognosis for the future of our planet Earth?  Alongside this question, I have also wondered what is required of humankind during this phase of our evolution. Who are we being called to be, no matter what the outcome?  I have pursued these questions through many avenues and have entertained a diversity of perspectives. I have studied systems thinking, quantum physics, cosmologies, mythologies and so much more. I lived and breathed the paths of sustainability and permaculture and transitions. I have sat at the feet of shamans, healers, elders, visionaries; I have listened to the council of trees, mountains, water, and winds. I have repeatedly crossed thresholds into my personal journey of healing and transformation.  I have learned much. The journey never ends.


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Phebe Allen Gustafson
Being Change
Ithaca, NY