This is the question that imbues my days with what often feels like restlessness and anxiety. I struggle with angst and fear and downright despair. I search for hope and possibilities and signs of awakening. I find myself cocking an ear, listening, or gazing out the window, scanning the horizon. I want to sit, a lot, on the ground or amongst trees. I pay attention to my dreams. I have no patience for the status quo. I have an urge to wander, both inwardly and outwardly….  I know what I am experiencing is that in-between place of “what was” and “what is becoming.” While it can feel overwhelming or frightening at times, I’m learning to relax into it and listen to what it has to teach me.

I believe this is one of the necessary skills of our time – to hold that sacred space of pure presence to what is unfolding in our universe. Not in a passive, wait-and-see way. For me it’s relational and co-creative. What evolutionary forces are at work? What is wanting to be born? How can I help? What can I contribute? How does it make sense to be? What is “out there” beyond the narrow confines of our sadly myopic worldview?

Duane Elgin wrote a wonderful book called “The Living Universe” which he describes in the video that follows. He starts with a fundamental premise that I share – that the Universe is a living system and embodying ourselves in that system makes all the difference in how we see, and behave in, our world. Let’s begin here.

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