Bottom line: I’m finding living within our current paradigm of injustice, unsustainability, and outright insanity increasingly excruciating. My heart breaks a little more each day as I witness to the suffering and violence we visit on each other and our Mother Earth.

I ask myself every day: How can I unplug? How can I live according to my vision and values, as well as creatively midwife a new paradigm, when there are such strong forces wanting me to keep towing the line? This is a very big question with no easy answers.

So I frame my life journey as a pilgrimage: each day, each step, each choice is dedicated to living these questions. Every day, I become more aware of the radical changes that are required of me and I relish the challenge and the opportunity for boundless creativity regarding these changes. I’m also in good company. There’s amazing stuff going on out there with MILLIONS of people asking these same questions, people who have the courage and compassion to say no to what keeps us small and disempowered while saying yes to what calls to us most deeply.

I’d like to share with you one such person. Her name is Lynne Twist.
ONE of the ways Lynne is challenging the status quo is through shifting how we think about money from a paradigm of scarcity to one of sufficiency. The implications of such a shift are profound. I highly recommend her book The Soul of Money. It’s a beautiful example of what’s possible and empowering.

I’m so grateful to be on this journey called life, this mysterious spiritual pilgrimage. Every day I ask Pachamama: What can I do for you today? It helps me unplug. It helps me remember who I am. It helps give me courage and compassion for the road ahead.

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