Phebe with Joanna Macy

“I believe in my heart that we are being called to be Edgewalkers: 

hospice workers to what is dying and midwives to what is waiting to be born.”
From the BeingChange web site

Dear friends,
For me, being an “Edgewalker” is an intensely spiritual journey. My personal journey has been influenced by many things, for example: training in systems thinking that explores patterns and processes and interconnections; a deep relationship with our Earth and our brother and sister beings; an extensive exploration into indigenous wisdom and traditions; a fascination with the stories that are emerging from both the realms of science and spirit about the nature of our unfolding universe, and a relentless calling to search for ways to dedicate my life to the service of the Great Turning.
I feel as if I don’t belong in the worldview of what Joanna Macy calls “the industrial growth society.”  While this stage of our evolution accomplished much, much more is being lost and much creative potential remains unrealized. Yet how do we step out of our cultural paradigm enough to see it holistically and objectively? Where do we find the vision to imagine and create other ways of being?
My response to this question has been to explore a variety of diverse cultures and worldviews as well as to examine the impacts of our culture on others. I have done this through study and research as well as through exposure to other cultures and perspectives both from within and outside of the United States. Continuing this process is a central part of my path and I hope to create BeingChange circles wherever I go. I dream of making BeingChange a container to deeply explore the issues of discerning and visioning and co-creating. We have the power in us to steer the course for a future of peace, sustainability, equity and respect for all beings – what Joanna calls a life-sustaining civilization.
Stay tuned. I will elaborate on this dream in my next post.
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