The Calendar offers events culled from a variety of sites doing cutting-edge work relevant to the Being Change mission and purpose. If you attend any of the events or take any of the courses, I’d love your feedback on how it went. Let me know if you have an event you’d like to share.

Sacred Activism: Meeting Our Challenges As Gateways For Cultivating Relational Leadership
August 6 – 27, 2023 On-Line

Sacred activism speaks to what inspires, guides and resources us to serve life, while integrating deep listening, collaboration and restoration. It goes to the root of cultivating regenerative change. Although our society has long polarized the sacred and activism as binaries, this emergent field may be what is most needed for cultivating personal and collective relational leadership.

Seeds of Radical Renewal
August 17 – September 7, 2023 On-line

This four-part leadership course offers emerging leaders the opportunity to establish skills in building and co-creating spaces of renewal, reciprocity, and reverence. An abridged version of our Seeds of Radical Renewal Leadership program, this course is an introduction to the field of spiritual ecology: an evolving philosophy that is rooted in the understanding that ecology, culture, and spirituality are interdependent.

Thriving in the Emerging New World
9/13 – 12/20, 2023 On-Line

In a time of escalating global crises on all levels, affecting all species, with no apparent hope of easing in the foreseeable future, one can be forgiven for plummeting headlong into the depths of despair, unable to take in one more shred of incontrovertible evidence of human-caused catastrophe. Yet out of this darkest night, a barely perceptible ember faintly flickers and begins to beckon. The great mystics call this a time of savage grace. What is the gift at the heart of darkness we are being beckoned to turn towards? Is there a purpose in all we are enduring?

Slowing Down: Cultivating Healing Spaces of Belonging
Sept 26 – Oct 17, 2023  On-line

What are the most effective wellbeing practices and supports for this time of upheaval and uncertainty? Community leaders and activists, especially those of us who have suffered othering and colonization, are reporting greater stress, grief, and mental health challenges. As current systems transform, collapse and shift, there is a great and growing need for radical artists, activators and healers to center collective wellbeing.

Principles & Practices of Deep Transformation – Laying the Groundwork For an Ecological Civilization
October 7th, 2023   10 week on-line course

This course offers participants a deep but accessible guided exploration of an alternative life-affirming worldview based on the intersection of modern science and the world’s great wisdom traditions, along with an inspiring and practical vision of pathways that could lead to an Ecological Civilization.