Reclaiming the Ancient Dreamways – Seven World Traditions of Dreaming Deep
January 31-February 3
Prague, Czech Republic
With Robert Moss

A dream, in the vocabulary of Inuit shamans, is “what makes me dive in headfirst”. This weekend adventure is a deep dive into ancient and indigenous traditions of dreaming, to reclaim practices and mythic knowing that are urgently needed in our world today.


Forest Monk Training Program
Now accepting applications for the 2019 programs.
Live and train with your fellow Forest Monks for four months in the vast wilderness of northern Wisconsin. Your teachers will be the towering pines, the eternity of sparkling night skies, and the elusive wolves, as well as three human guides. You’ll live in a yurt, tent, or natural-made shelter as you adventure in the wilderness, develop ancestral skills, learn martial arts, explore deeper connections with nature, fish and forage for your food, learn herbalism, delve into spiritual Awakening, and more.
Brought to you by ReWild University.


Aging And Saging In Raging Times: A Writing Workshop With Carolyn Baker
February 2, 9, 16, and 23/2019 via Zoom

We will write about and discuss such topics as:
Aging in a time of unprecedented upheaval and potential extinction
Fortifying our wholeness together in a broken world
Navigating all forms of relationship in a collapsing culture
Why we were born for these times
Living lives of compassion and service in a narcissistic milieu


Making Sanctuary – What Does Activism Look Like At The End Of Hope?
On-Line course with Bayo Akomolafe
February 21 – May 1, 2019
Early bird discount before 7 January 2019

This course is about coming undone. Join poet, philosopher, psychologist and professor Bayo Akomolafe, as he invites you to ‘stay with the trouble’ during a deeply immersive exploration of what it means to be on the planet today. During this six-session online course, Bayo will accompany you on a deep-dive into the nature of truth, reality and activism.


 The Voices of the Wells – An Eco-Heroine’s Journey for women
On-Line course with Sharon Blackie of the Hedge School
February 2019 – TBA

The world is changing. The old stories that western civilisation has been living by for the past few centuries – stories of limitless growth, of the pursuit of progress as the primary purpose of life, of human separation from and domination over ‘nature’ – are crumbling. These are the stories of the patriarchy. The stories which we need to replace the destructive stories of the patriarchy should – and will – be born from the wellspring of creative, generative wisdom which belongs to women. In this time-between-stories we need visionaries. We need the ‘Voices of the Wells’; we need the power of place, speaking. We need the stories of the land; the stories of our native traditions, and the wisdom which is encoded within them. We need to understand the mystery at the heart of the Grail.