Paths to the Center: The Inner Inheritance of the Soul
A Retreat for Women, Men, Mentors and Teachers, Artists and Activists with Michael Meade
September 13 – 16, 2018
Pilgrim Firs Conference & Retreat Center, Port Orchard, WA

Grow Your Regenerative Right Livelihood
One year on-line course starts September 27th
Provides you the skills, mentorship & community to earn your living doing your good work in the world.

Hero’s Journey Immersion Weekend
October 18th-21st, 2018
Monongahela National Forest, Spruce Knob, WV
This uniquely created wilderness weekend is designed to take you to new heights and depths within yourself. It is intended to awaken you to the vital aliveness of your own soul nature.
Brought to you by the Hero’s Journey Foundation.

National Bioneers Conference 2018 – Pathways Forward
October 19th-21st
San Raphael, CA
We’re living in a thriller that only reality could write. Breakdown and breakthrough – death and rebirth – creative destruction writ large. As this year’s Bioneers Conference will exemplify, there’s as much cause for hope as for horror, and the ground truth is that how this story turns out is up to us. Nothing less than a step change in human evolution will do. Never has it been more important for us to exercise our vision, our agency, our solidarity and our voices.

Forest Monk Training Program
Now accepting applications for the 2019 programs.
Live and train with your fellow Forest Monks for four months in the vast wilderness of northern Wisconsin. Your teachers will be the towering pines, the eternity of sparkling night skies, and the elusive wolves, as well as three human guides. You’ll live in a yurt, tent, or natural-made shelter as you adventure in the wilderness, develop ancestral skills, learn martial arts, explore deeper connections with nature, fish and forage for your food, learn herbalism, delve into spiritual Awakening, and more.
Brought to you by ReWild University.