Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus – A Feed the Earth Invitation
April 1st, wherever you are with whoever you choose

When we don’t sing our songs the Earth suffers and so do we. Nature-based cultures know the importance of song and have held the Ancestoral tunes that compose the world. This website & event invite a wondering about what is the song of humanity at this time of unraveling; what songs are needed to be sung again or/and are new. Help create a wave of human song at dawn around the world.

Vulture: Courting the Other/wise in a Time of Breakdown
April 6 – June 22

This on-line course is a 90 day journey of intimate inquiry and intentional uncertainty and an attempt to ‘skill up’ in matters of love, grief and listening to the other/wise. This is a call to turn and face the inescapable themes of breakdown and demise that now confront us, and to listen for what might be wanting to emerge. It is a call to meet a world wilder than our plots of survival, more complex than our algorithms, and more surprising and flirtatious than we can imagine. This is action research, grief tending, ritual making and possibility. A simultaneously fierce and tender approach to knowing what it means to be human today.