Context Institute’s Bright Futures Now
Starting 1/11,  4/4,  7/11,  or 10/3 in 2020

Bright Future Now is a 7-week online course designed for change agents and cultural co-creatives. It enables you to find the positive momentum of our times – and align your life with it – so you can build a brighter future for yourself and for all life.

Charter of Compassion’s “Death & Dying: Grief and Climate Change
Starting March 16 for 4 weeks  On-line course

In this time of crisis, we hardly have names for what is happening, let alone strategies to cope with it. We will explore grief, hope, and compassion in the face of ongoing destruction of species and habitats, and discover collective ways to support healing for ourselves, for mother earth, and for all of life.

The Wilds Beyond Climate Justice
5/31 – 6/4  On-line course

The Wilds Beyond Climate Justice is an experimental participatory gathering premised on the notion that strange gestures, strange organizations, and strange formulations are needed to meet the monstrous challenge posed by climate change. Our aim is to open up a space for different kinds of activities, actions, and conversations that lie beyond the dominant Western framework of climate activism and justice.

Wild Renewal – Kindling Reverential Resilience
7/8 – 7/12, 2020
Occidental, CA

Wild Renewal is for leaders, activists and change-makers awakening from the predominant cultural story of separation who are, in their unique way, working towards a resilient, thriving Earth community for future generations for ALL life. It is for those on the frontlines of change who are ready to renew and restore by connecting with a larger story that offers perspective essential to facing the challenges of our bio-cultural crisis.