The Elder’s Journey: Four Shields of Eldering for Women
Sep 25th, 2021Oct 1st, 2021
Big Pine, CA

Throughout the ages, elder women have enjoyed sitting in circle to weave the rich tapestries of their stories, stories that continued to warm and inspire people across time and culture. What about us, now, in our time? We will explore ways to deepen into a more conscious approach to how we can live as elder women in the world today. We will recall our personal stories, life experiences and collected knowledge and discover ways to transform them into our wisdom and our medicine.

Soul Work and the Art of Ripening
On-Line, Fridays 6-9 EST
October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

The need is clear: we must cultivate a robust collective of adults whose primary fealty is to the life-giving world upon which we depend. We must be able to feel our loyalties to watersheds, migratory pathways, marginalized communities, and the soul of the world. We must feel the bedrock of our aliveness, and the reality of our wild and exuberant lives. Initiation tempers the soul, drawing out its hidden essence and calling forth the medicine we came to offer this stunning world. Utilizing teaching sessions, breakout rooms, writing practices, reflection questions, and optional exercises between sessions, we will deepen our ability to respond to soul’s continuous call to full presence in the world. Led by Francis Weller of Wisdom Bridge.