The Calendar offers events culled from a variety of sites doing cutting-edge work relevant to the Being Change mission and purpose. If you attend any of the events or take any of the courses, I’d love your feedback on how it went. Let me know if you have an event you’d like to share.

Findhorn’s Great Turning Journey: Earth Love in Action
December 7th, 2022 – March 1st, 2023
On-line; price is self-determined

Join hearts and hands with like-minded Earth lovers and guardians in making manifest your love for Earth to consciously preserve, protect, heal and restore all that is sacred in our living world.

Principles & Practices of Deep Transformation with Jeremy Lent
2/25, 2023 for ten weeks on-line
Sliding scale in British pounds (75, 100, or 150)

This course, based largely on the work of Jeremy Lent’s recent book The Web of Meaning, but also drawing on many other diverse sources, lays out principles and practices of deep transformation for the individual, for community, and for society at large. It offers participants a deep but accessible guided exploration of an alternative life-affirming worldview based on the intersection of modern science and the world’s great wisdom traditions, along with an inspiring and practical vision of pathways that could lead to an ecological civilization.