“I found myself sitting next to a Mayan grandmother from Peru at a women’s conference.
After a few minutes of conversation she asked, ‘Who are you?’
I began to tell her that I founded a nonprofit, and about my work with women.
‘No,’ she said quietly. ‘Who are you?’
I looked past her at the round tables where women
from different spiritual traditions were joining each other for breakfast.
This is what I said. The words came not from my mind.
‘I am a woman who suffered earlier in life, and in the darkness found a light.’
She said, ‘You cannot be shy, you cannot be quiet. You must stand up with this knowledge.’
At that moment, my heart, as one of many women’s hearts, said Yes.”

Anne Scott: Dream Weather – Women Restoring the Sacred to Life

This story really spoke to something in me. Who am I really? What is my unique role in this precious and precarious planet-time? How do I get to my “Yes”?

I keep hearing myself saying to people: “There’s something trying to get my attention; something is calling to me but I can’t hear it above the noise of, what Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls, our stormy world. So I created Being Change.

Being Change is a sanctuary where we can go to step out of that stormy world enough so we can hear what is calling to us. What needs to heal? Who is out there doing work that could truly turn our world around, who can inspire us, mentor us, feed us, co-create with us? And what is the gift that is uniquely ours to give to bring back balance: in ourselves, our communities, and the Earth?

Here can we stop to breathe, ground, gather our strength and our courage, create a field of peace and respite and solidarity with others. Here can we give ourselves permission to unhook enough from the heavy, dark energies suffocating our world and envision the future that up-lifts and sustains all beings.

You’re sitting next to a Mayan grandmother. She asks “who are you? You cannot be shy, you cannot be quiet.”

What words “come not from your mind?”

Art by Phebe Allen Gustafson




It is my hope that the Being Change Process, the Sanctuary, the resources and our circle of women, with the supportive men, will empower our hero’s journey of initiation, our discovering who we are, and our embodying our “YES.”





The Process
The Process is an invitation to a virtual circle that guides us through a journey of Waking Up, Feeling the Pain, Opening the “Mind”, Reweaving the Web and Bringing Forth Worlds. Each section is a template inviting us to sit in contemplation, to go deeper with whatever resonates, at our own pace, and in the order we choose. The Process is something to be returned to often as each time around the spiral brings deeper healing and more discernment. Each segment has resources to explore that are up-dated often. In the future there is the intention to offer an in-person or Zoom “course” around the Process so we can meet and explore together in circle. In the meantime, please leave comments in the Facebook page or in the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is the place for stories of my, and your, lived experience of being in this planet-time in general and of spiraling through the Process in particular. Care is taken to focus on what most courageously and creatively envisions and manifests a just, regenerative, and compassionate future for all beings. Who are we discovering ourselves to be? Where are we on our journey through the spiral? What challenges are we facing? What support do we need? How do we envision the future? Who/what are our inspirations? And so much more! Women’s voices are prioritized while men’s voices are very welcome. Guest posts are encouraged (contact me) as are comments. I very much want to hear from you.

The Library
The Library offers suggestions for books relevant to each of the segments of the Process. There are also videos to watch and articles to read. These are all being added to or “pulled off the shelf” occasionally so keep coming back. Let me know if there’s something you feel would be a good resource.

The Calendar
The Calendar offers events culled from a variety of sites doing cutting-edge work relevant to the Being Change mission and purpose. If you attend any of the events or take any of the courses, I’d love your feedback on how it went. Let me know if you have an event you’d like to share.