Last night we had a lovely circle where we did music, ritual, and sharing around letting go of the old and embracing the new. Guest facilitated by musician and interfaith minister Jody Kessler, we shared appreciations, released limitations, and gave voice to ways we can move forward in the coming year towards our greatest potential and service.

“I’m going to make dreams come true,” I heard my Self say as I chose a stone from the altar to keep as a reminder of my intention. As I write, I have it in my pocket, and I take it out from time to time to look at its beauty and feel its smoothness. I think about “the thing I need to do” that I talked about in the previous post, and I hold those thoughts like I hold that precious stone. Like that stone, they have weight and substance, texture and beauty.

And what do I feel I need to release in order to move forward?

…fear, limiting beliefs, addictive behaviors, self-doubt, ingrained habits, and more…

If only they could disappear as effortlessly in real life as they did having been written on dissolve-able paper and tossed in a bowl of water.

But if it is true, as Bill Plotkin and others have observed, that we live in a culture dominated by adolescent habits and desires, then the enduring societal changes we so desperately need won’t happen until we individually and collectively evolve into an engaged, authentic adulthood. Follow the link to see his excellent book on what such an evolution would require.

I certainly can begin by leaving some of my sillier human foibles behind! It’s ALL a part of this amazing journey, one day at a time. Still, there’s the “how” to do the thing I need to do. Stay tuned.


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