I’ve begun to keep what I’m calling my “pilgrimage catalog.” In it I have a page for everyone I want to visit, with their contact information and information about who they are and what they do. It keeps me inspired and motivated and excited. It makes it more real. For example, here is one possibility:

Joyce Kendall is Founder of Earth Heart Farm, a sanctuary for spiritual teachings where people can come together in community to learn, share and support each other in our spiritual walk. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Registered Polarity Practitioner, and Practicing Herbalist. She was inducted as an Andean Yachak Shaman after years of study with Ecuadorian Yachaks. During her studies, Joyce formed a deep bond with the indigenous people of Ecuador, learning their many traditions. She has observed how visiting with and learning directly from indigenous cultures has changed many peoples’ abilities to see themselves as part of a new vision. To this end she formed Earth Heart Expeditions, offering shamanic journeys to visit with the elders in South America. These trips are designed to encourage deep healing, personal transformation and an awakening of spirit consciousness.

How wonderful it would be to sit with this woman, and perhaps her friends, sharing stories, experiences, wisdom, and visions. And did I mention that I already have thirty pages of these extraordinary, ordinary people – as I like to call them?

If you know anyone you think I should meet, or if you have stories of when you decided to reach for a dream with all the trials and triumphs, please share them.

P.S. Well, I didn’t answer the “how” but I got a good start in naming what I’m up against!

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