The next four Being Change circles will be a series exploring Margaret Wheatley’s “Eight Fearless Questions.” To begin to truly honor the intention of gathering art and stories for the Being Change work, I’ve asked that participants take some time to reflect on these questions and create a response that they can share in the form of a journal entry, a story, a collage, a poem, or whatever they like.

I’ve been working on my own project to share in the form of a collage – a medium I’ve always wanted to seriously play with. Half the fun is cutting out all the pictures. I find it a practice in meditation. But the real joy in it, for me, is to see what emerges. It’s much like my poetry; the end result is often more than the sum of whatever “parts” I contribute. It can be mysterious and magical.

This is a very important dimension of the Being Change work – getting out of our heads and making room for the Source, the Great Mystery, the God Consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, to flow through us – to speak, to create, to evolve through us. When I look at my finished collage I wonder, wow, where did that come from? What is it saying to me? What does it touch in the depth of my being, my knowing? How does it open me up to new perspectives, possibilities?

This is what I want to bring forth, and empower in others to do the same, whenever I can. I have a great quote, source unknown, that streams across my computer screen: “We can’t think our way out of this. Navigating in a global crisis is a spiritual adventure.” I’m always exploring ways to get out of my own head and step into the adventure AND in our thinking-dominant culture it’s not always easy. I’d love to hear your stories of when you’ve experienced the connection with the Flow – or as Agnes Pilgrim, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers said (and I paraphrase) – when you’ve made that 18 inch pilgrimage from your head to your heart.


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