You’ve succeeded this long in hoping, and

you’re not stupid or selfish or imagine

you’ll be one of the chosen few.

You’re not holding out for a miracle of

divine or human intervention, a grand

fix from a savior, scientist, senator, or CEO.

You’re courageous in your efforts to stay

awake, to engage, even to dream, though days go by and

you wonder what for; is it

not already too late?

Your heart is no fool; each beat a wondering

why why, why why, why would we

come to this?  This is not who we are.

We have forgotten who we are.

Yet you must know that your knowing, and

my knowing too, and their knowing, and theirs

will perhaps open a Way.  Make that Way

the new wondering of your heart.

Phebe Allen Gustafson
Use with permission only.

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One Response to It’s Hard To Know the “World May End”

  1. Bird says:

    Thanks, I needed to rehear this message today. Your words ring so true, as do Joanna's. I love the feel of that phrase "the knife's edge of uncertainty". It makes one feel so alive!

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