Being Change is a process of Waking Up, Feeling the Pain, Opening the “Mind”, Reweaving the Web, and Bringing Forth Worlds. The purpose is to empower a journey of courageous vision, beauty, inspiration, initiation and transformation.

In the process of Waking Up, Feeling the Pain and Opening the “Mind”, we are leaving the “Old Story” – the Story that is no longer viable. While remaining responsibly aware of what is perpetuating the degradation of people and our planet, we do not feed it.

Instead, we begin to free our body/mind/spirit from dysfunctional paradigms and behaviors, and to examine every life choice in the context of whether it supports life or harms it.

This is a powerful journey of initiation into the unknown. Our first task is to create a sacred sanctuary, both within and without, in solitude and in community. We give ourselves permission to invite in only what strengthens and nurtures our creative life force, allowing us to process our emotions and clear our vision while acknowledging the enormity of what we’re being asked to hold. We witness to the unfolding world around us with eyes and hearts wide open, unflinchingly accepting the possibilities of even the most dire planetary outcomes, and ask ourselves how, then, shall we live?

“There is an enormous energy
—infinite possibilities—
that come from bearing witness and living accordingly.
These are two actions that must be one.

Change your life. Let your heart guide you. Become an ethical being.
It is so very difficult and so very simple. Bear witness and change your lives accordingly.”
Deena Metzger

Here we begin or continue discerning our personal contribution to the Great Turning and living it with all our heart and soul. As wise woman Judith Duerk says, we… “must descend to our depths…into a damp, echoing cavern, to sit and wait for that of our Selves which cannot be met in the upper world. We must trust the places of darkness where we can meet our own deepest nature and give it voice.” There is healing to be done and much to let go. Still, our love for Life and for the Earth is so deep and profound we can’t resist that surging of fierce compassion that steadies and inspires us.

“When the grandmothers speak, the world will begin to heal.”
Hopi proverb

Here, in this liminal space between worlds, it is essential that we radically slow down, simplify our lives, and be present to what is calling us forth. Using tools such as dreams, myths, archetypes, the arts, ceremony, circles, and story, we open to possibilities that may not otherwise be imagined.  We ground ourselves in indigenous wisdom/original instructions, the sacred masculine & feminine/return to balance, unity/inter-being consciousness, right relationship with the Earth, and more.

In the process of Reweaving the Web, and Bringing Forth Worlds, we nurture the dream of the “New Story” – the Story wanting to be born – and we begin to live it now.  We focus on, and engage in, the most powerful existing and emerging pathways that will guide us toward the future we long for. As we walk this journey together we find that there are countless women and men walking alongside us; they have traveled far and have learned much. We invite them to sit in our circle to share their stories.

We will explore this process through three main avenues:
Circling Together
In person and virtually through Zoom

Mine, in the sanctuary/blog and other venues
Yours – guest post submissions are always welcome. Please email me.
Ours – Sharing stories that emerge from circling together, in the sanctuary and other venues.

Sharing of Resources in the sanctuary, library, resources, and calendar pages.

Other avenues may include courses, workshops, webinars and the like. Stay tuned.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow,
learn as if you were to live forever,
be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi