A Journey into the Heart of Your Untamed, Unashamed, Unstoppable Self
On-Line course facilitated by Mary Reynolds Thompson
2/10 – 7/28, 2022

This is an intensely creative, deeply embodied, fiercely feminine, and earth-centered journey of transformation. Your guides will be five feminine Earth archetypes: Desert Woman, Forest Woman, Ocean and River Woman, Mountain Woman, and Grassland Woman. Each with their own wisdom to share. Each embodies a stage of a rebirthing journey that will introduce you to your most instinctual self.

The Great Turning Experiment
On-line from 3/16 – 6/22, 2022

Imagine your ideal world. The Great Turning is upon us. How are you living your life in this new world? The mission, and indeed the challenge, will be to live this new life alongside a parallel world that is dying and still steeped in the destructive, habitual patterns of the past. We will learn how to compassionately hospice the death of the old, that which no longer serves, whilst midwifing the birth of the new, that which is regenerative and life-affirming.

Women Working For the Earth Summit
4/21 – 4/24, 2022

Do you want to contribute to the cultural shift of our species in a way that is centered, grounded and connected with the Earth? We are honoring this crucial impulse and creating space for women to give voice, bring awareness, share wisdom, collaborate, and inspire.

Blessing Our Secret Sorrow
5/2 – 6/10/22 Online

Endings, leave-takings and unacknowledged loss bring us into the journey of descent: an opportunity to shed outworn skins, to let go of that which no longer serves us, to discover secret longings buried in the shadows, and eventually, to start again.

Climate Change As a Spiritual Practice – Transforming Anxiety Into Empowerment
3 – 5 p.m. EDT

The climate crisis is an initiatory threshold for humanity. Working together, we can awaken the human soul to meet climate change. With Joanna Macy and Jonathan Gustin.