Imagine: a dedicated physical space for BeingChange that has a room for gatherings, events, and circles, and a room for a studio, allowing you to go seamlessly from imagining, evoking, and envisioning to reflection and expression in a variety of genres: drawing, collaging, dancing, writing, for example. Imagine this Center as a hub, in an easily accessible downtown Ithaca area, where you can meet people who are hungry to live their most essential, fiercely compassionate and creative callings on behalf of our planet and all beings. Imagine a safe, beautiful, nurturing, inspiring space where you can explore what’s deepest in your heart and what’s foremost on your mind. Imagine empowering your Self and others to discover your unique, creative voice and your path of “right action” in the world.

Imagine a rich and diverse menu of offerings: art, story, events, circles, ceremony and ritual, workshops, guests, lunchtime gatherings, book studies, music and dance, drumming…support, encouragement, fun, community, adventure, spirit, challenge, activism, playfulness….

I can imagine all this and more, can you? Want to help make this possible?

Please, please post your ideas here.


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