Recently, my family went through a crazy, stressful experience. We were having to make a very difficult decision in a very short time. By the end of a week of this, we no longer knew if we were thinking straight and whether or not we were capable of discerning the best way forward.

We called together a group of four couples, very close friends, and asked that they hear our story and feed back what they heard from their different perspectives. We were very open and honest with details that we certainly wouldn’t share with just anyone. But there was a precious level of trust and safety in that gathering that moves me no measure.

This is circling at its best. The depth of both sharing and listening empowered everyone in that room to gain in wisdom, creativity, and solidarity. That’s the magic of the circle – all participants benefit in ways that are most meaningful to them.

I encourage anyone who is going through a difficult or overwhelming situation to call a circle of trusted friends and open yourself up to asking for help out of those stuck places. And let me know what happens – send me your story.

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