I’m taking part in an extraordinary summit called Humanity Rising which “represents a global movement of people and organizations coming together to take counsel on how to start shaping the world beyond the pandemic. It’s creating an ongoing global dialogue and coalition of activists and organizations which will consider ideas and take action on proposals to create a world that is more socially equitable and ecologically regenerative. It also has designed a platform as a global commons for all speakers and participants to come together to share blogs, videos, generate discussions and engage in all sorts of collaborative activities together.”

The Summit will continue for as long as the pandemic lasts and beyond.

The opening of this summit was two and a half hours long and it felt like being home, being with my family, my tribe. Present were people such as Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, Osprey Orielle Lake, Lynn Twist and many other powerful speakers – and participants – from all over the world. Please visit the web site, sign on and listen to the recordings/join future summits.

Of all the take-aways from this gathering, the one I most want to share is this:

Jim Garrison, of Ubiquity University and who hosts this summit, told this story. He asked himself what would he choose if he could pick and manifest the most powerful action on behalf of the future he could imagine. First he thought it would be the ending of all fossil fuel extraction and use. Or the ceasing of deforestation…. But what he decided was the most powerful action he could imagine was that every government, every corporation, every institution, all executive leadership

be transitioned to women.

And then he proceeded to dedicate the first ten days of the summit exclusively to women’s voices.


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