We are experiencing a global pandemic called COVID-19. This is not a surprise but a logical consequence of our behaviors, as are extinctions, climate change, societal collapse and on and on. The future (as always) is unknown. This much I know.

I don’t like to expend too much energy anymore on speculating on how, or whether, humans will, or won’t, respond to these crises/opportunities…

(It’s possible that we can learn, it’s possible that we can change, it’s possible that we can rise.)

… I want to focus on this question: what world do I want to dream into being? And then be that. Then do that.

Geneen Marie Haugen, in an essay for Animas Institute, asked a similar question: How can (we) cultivate aliveness now? For all beings.

I’ve been studying people’s deep reflections on these questions and there are common themes that are emerging that I would like to explore in our sanctuary. These themes have been very much embedded in the Being Change process all along, I’m finding, and now it’s time to revisit this process in the context of our present reality. It’s time to revisit and live the intentions because, I believe, they’re more relevant and necessary than ever.

Being Change has been all about hospicing what is dying and midwifing what is wanting to be born. During one powerful summit I participated in recently, an indigenous elder said there’s not much point any more in trying to change the minds of those who simply will not “let go of the shore.” While there still may be some point, I want to put all my heart and soul into creating whatever audaciously beautiful future I can imagine. And embody it in the present. No matter what. Are “we the one’s we’ve been waiting for?” I guess we’re going to find out!



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