To embrace this time of the Great Turning is to truly be immersed in messiness. To be sure, I feel my life and Being Change shapeshifting almost daily.

To be honest, I have been feeling some anxiety about not posting to this blog in a while. But I have just emerged from my most recent shapeshift – a time of deep inner process work that has been nothing less than profound. I welcome this profundity, this intensity, this depth, and I am gratefully (and mostly) unapologetic for my messiness.

Still, it’s tempting to feel like a life or a work is a failure if it doesn’t fit in the old, rigid constructs of timeliness or perfection. I must remind myself that these constructs are limiting and dis-empowering. Being a pioneer is messy. Being in the unknown is messy. What messiness is, really, in the context of this dying culture, is the willingness to stop, look and listen: to see, to feel, to wonder, to be courageous and creative, to be open to possibilities, to evolve. And surely to let go of any arbitrary sense of worthiness or success.

My original intention for this Being Change blog was (and is) to share with you my journey through the Great Turning. I cherish this journey and I value you, my co-pioneer. Being messy together is assuredly part of the bargain. There is sacredness there, don’t you think?

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