Communing with friend in Otavalo, Ecuador

I want to introduce you to two amazing women – Jan Phillips and Vijali Hamilton.  These women are visionaries, artists, and activists PLUS they’ve both taken extraordinary trips around the world doing their art while promoting peace and nurturing relationships with diverse peoples.

Hearing their stories, and others like them, makes me just about want to bolt out my door and hit the road!  Indeed, my dream is to finds ways to travel, to do circles, to collect stories, to listen to people’s experiences, and to put it all together in ways that I might share it with you.  This would be nothing short of a pilgrimage for me – a sacred journey of communing with both place and people.

This world is so precious, there is so much to see and learn.  What stories would people in Latin American, or Africa, or the Middle East have to tell about The Great Turning?  How would they envision the future?  What insights would they have that we may not see from within our industrialized, consumeristic culture?  What art and beauty and community might be created?

This is no small undertaking, of course.  It will take some time to grapple with the logistics.  But my intention is to do everything in my power to find ways to fulfill this dream.  Any suggestions?  Please leave comments!

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