Siren’s Song

It is one of those dreams that

leaves you on a threshold

surrounded by mystery,

straining to hear voices, catch glimpses of

patterns and meaning.

And the dreamworld continues on

(but where?)

leaving you reflecting, as if

on a memory.

But not a memory. More

like movement in the

corner of your mind or

a calling encoded behind the

lids of your eyes.

You ask, how can I know

what is real, while

your ever-patient soul

jostles your heart with its


The dreamworld continues on, retreating

beyond your reach and

you fail in your

efforts to follow.

But what! What

eludes you? The laughter haunts,

tempts like a Siren’s song:

“Wake Up. Wake up and remember

who you are.”

Phebe AllenGustafson

Use with permission only.

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