Recently I had some of my huge, crazy impossible questions.

What if hundreds, thousands, millions of women Just Said No to everything that does not serve life and the welfare of all beings? What if we said No to war, abuse, hunger, violence against and destruction of others and the Earth? What if we said No to the Monsantos, Nestles, and Exxons of the world? What if enough women did this we could shut it all down, turn it around, and work to say Yes to love, compassion, beauty, peace, cooperation, creativity, health and healing? What if we brought back to the forefront heart, soul, and spirit, ceremony, indigenous mind and a deep, experiential relationship with Nature?

Of course there are many women doing just that, but what if we put all our efforts and energies into making Yes our priority over everything else? For some, even over our jobs, even our families, even our comfort zones, our safety, our fears. What if our future depended on it?

And, of course, there are many women doing just that.

When I started asking these questions, things began coming my way: stories about the Wild Woman, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Mother, powerful female archetypes from all over the world and across time representing a fiercely protective, regenerative energy for all of life. This is an energy we must embody and manifest in any outrageous way possible and what if, as many voices are asserting, it is the unique role of wild women to lead the way?

I want to be one of those women. I want to create relationships with other such women. I want to create relationships with men who resonate, who carry that archetypal energy in their own hearts. I want to share these people, and how they’re embodying this energy to witness to and transform the world, with you. Let’s walk this road together for a while and see what emerges. I would ask that whenever a person or project particularly resonates with you, get involved! Help them out. Contribute to the YES. Then share your experiences with me; it may end up as the next blog post.

So let’s start with Margaret Klein Salamon. If she isn’t a bodacious Wild Woman, I don’t know who is. She wants nothing less than to mobilize the Planet to “confront the climate crisis” and turn it around. An impossibly insane attempt to midwife a new world. Right? Take a look and send me your thoughts.

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