Joanna Macy, one of the great elders of our time, talks about the “3 dimensions of the Great Turning.” They are:

Actions to slow the damage to Earth and its beings ;

Analysis of structural causes and the creation of structural alternatives;

A shift(s) in consciousness

I’m most interested in, and BeingChange is most about, the dimension of shifts in consciousness. I’m voraciously absorbing anything I can find that speaks to this everything from the ancient to the modern to the futuristic, from the indigenous to the esoteric to the scientific. There’s a lot of good stuff I’ll be sharing over time.

Even though all three dimensions are important and necessary, I’m of a mind that the consciousness shift must lead the way. The paradox is that I believe this shift must be huge and it must be fast. At the same time it requires time, depth, vision, reflection and presence. Slowness. Spaciousness. Deep listening.

I’m wanting to find ways to balance this paradox in my life and it’s a challenge. Especially with all the fear generating, hate mongering background buzz that is so intense right now. Am I capable of witnessing to that with compassion while rigorously, slowly, spaciously, deeply plugging into the undercurrent of other alternatives? I feel that I must be.

While there is so much to DO in this world to midwife a new future into being, I believe there is an equally important role for certain human beings to especially find it in themselves to fulfill – as counter-intuitive, and even counter-productive, as it may feel. It’s a role that is similar to that of the mystics – one of witness, wonder, contemplation, non-anxious presence. I’ve heard it described as “frequency holder” or someone who simply holds the space for the impulse of evolution to flow through them. This is important. This is worthy.

And, this seems to be all I want to do: I want to be awake, aware, I want to be outdoors, close to Mother Earth, I want to garden, I want to do ritual and ceremony, I want to gather in circle, I want to create beauty. I want to serve my community. I don’t want to work a nine-to-five, I don’t want that PhD, I don’t want to engage in the viciousness of our political process, I don’t want to do so many of the things deemed “normal” in this world. My ego wants me to believe I’m lazy, confused, lost, a failure, a misfit, hopelessly immature. My soul knows otherwise.

So what are the ingredients in this rambling reflection: find a way to be engaged AND slow down, be present. Stand as witness to the fear and rage but don’t let it become me; don’t feed into it. Trust my intuition; live with integrity and simplicity. Be brave, break out of the status quo….

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